Sustainable Innovation to Overcome Global Challenges

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Taking place on the 19th of November, the Association Leaders Forum 2024 will be designed in partnership with ESAE, to cover both practical and strategic issues that Associations are facing today. Association professionals need to balance executive governance and risk management with innovating and adapting to challenges. The 2024 forum will embody all these elements, putting the people who have first-hand experience to the forefront. 

We will explore how to integrate AI in Associations strategic planning, and how to use the possibilities offered by digital tools to make our conferences and events more impactful, engaging and financially sustainable, while continuing the commitment to establish a greener future.

We shall also take a closer look at our staff and try to understand how to prevent burnouts while equipping them with the right tools and upskilling for them to perform in an efficient and rewarding manner.

Finally, we must not forget that 2024 is a pivotal election year on a global scale, for associations, understanding and preparing for the potential impacts of these events is crucial.

The full programme of sessions will be available soon.

To attend the programme in 2024, please, register as a Hosted Buyer and our team will be in contact with you.