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Organise, manage and be inspired with the official app for IBTM World.

Getting the most out of your participation at IBTM World has just become a lot easier. Whether you’re planning your visit in advance or exhibiting at the show, our official app makes it easy for you to organise your time and do business.

With the official IBTM World app, the power to make your attendance the best possible is firmly in your hands.


Your time is important. So we're making it easy for you to see your meetings, appointments and seminars.

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Make your IBTM World experience right for you. Favourite exhibitors, sessions and speakers important to you to create a personalised agenda.


Get going with the app's interactive floorplan, getting you to where you need to be with ease.

Exhibitor Directory

Explore all the great venues, destinations, suppliers and tech providers you can meet at the show and find out where they're located.

Live Notifications

Receive event alerts, safety updates and notifications so you don't miss anything that is happening during the week.

Session Participation

Have a question you'd like to ask a speaker? This year, powered by, our app will enable you to interact and ask your questions with ease.

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Plan, connect, network and be inspired with the official IBTM World mobile app

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If you are a Huawei user and cannot access the Google Play Store to download the app, or if you are having issues downloading the app from any other device, we have created a web app version for you to use instead.

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