IBTM World 2022 Floorplan

The floorplan will help you see where the show zones are located at IBTM World 2022.

The floorplan is a great resource for both visitors and exhibitors to:

  • understand where feature areas will be placed.
  • allow you to review exhibitors and competitors.
  • familiarise yourself with the venue.
  • fully plan your show experience.

If you are a company interested in exhibiting and looking for availability on the show floor, the map of stands is always being updated, so you may want to check the latest availability by contacting our team.

*The 2022 floorplan will be published in October.

Exhibitor Directory

Check exhibitor directory before you attend the show and learn which products and service will be exhibited.

Interested in exhibiting?

As the map of stands is updated regularly, areas marked in dark blue may have been sold. Please contact our sales team to discuss available opportunities.