Extend your stay in Barcelona

We love Barcelona. Part of what makes IBTM World so special is the destination; there’s nowhere quite like it.

Many of our team extend their stay after IBTM World to put their feet up and enjoy the great food, culture and music that the city has on offer, and we’d love for you to be able to experience it too.

We’ve been working with our partners to get you exclusive offers and discounts, which are only available to delegates of IBTM World.

So, once the show has wrapped up, why not extend your stay and experience the city for yourself?


Barcelona has a diverse and exciting cultural offering that can help you fill your extra days with exploration.

Visit the Sagrada Familia, take a walk around the Gothic Quarter or enjoy the sunshine in Parc Guell.


Known as one of the world’s most vibrant culinary scenes, Barcelona cuisine combines traditional Mediterranean dishes and market-fresh produce with the innovative creativity of leading Catalan chefs.


You’ll find world-renowned brands and unique local shops with their own distinctive personality in dotted along the streets of the city.

It’s the perfect opportunity to browse for souvenirs or Christmas gifts.

Experience the city like a local

Beat the queues and discover Barcelona’s most exciting attractions with Barcelona Turisme’s wide range of experience and tours.

Take a guided tour of the city, have an expert show you around some of the main attractions, discover the beauty of flamenco and Spanish guitars, or take part in tailored workshops, winery tours and courses designed to leave you with a lasting memory of Barcelona.

Barcelona is much more!

Barcelona is sea. It’s mountains. It’s urban. It’s rural. It’s wine tourism. It’s gastronomy. It’s sport. It’s history. It’s art. It’s culture. It’s architecture. It’s many things at the same time. So many that it has more than 300 municipalities and 12 regions to explore.

In the area around Barcelona you’ll find a thousand different ways to enjoy a well-deserved break from your everyday routine. Discover original ideas and unforgettable experiences in culture, wine, sporting, nature, wellness activities and much more. 


Explore the home of Cava at Casa Codorníu winery with a 15% discount on all their tours for IBTM attendees.
  • Discovery Tour: visit and tasting of 2 cavas
  • Iconic tour: visit and tasting of 3 cavas and a small aperitif
  • Iconic tour + Menu Jardins: guided tour, tasting of 3 premium cavas and menu

Reservations can be directly made through their website using the promotional code: IBTM2022

Alta Alella

Discover the beauty of Alta Alella winery, just 20 minutes from Barcelona.
  • Vineyard tour & tasting: Taste 4 wines & cavas. IBTM price: 15€ (usual price: 20€)
  • Iberian ham or cheese pairing visit: vineyard tour, taste 4 wines & cavas and Iberian ham or cheese pairings. IBTM price: 25€ (usual price: 35€)

Reservations can be directly made through their website using the promotional code: IBTM_AA2022

Juvé & Camps

Explore 200 years of Spanish wine at Juvé & Camps with a 25% discount on tours (minimum 2 people).
  • Gran Reserva Tour: visit and tour of cellars, Gran Reserva cava tastings and food pairings.
Reservations would be made via email (sending a picture of your IBTM World badge).

Família Torres

We invite you to become part of our 150-old history and enjoy amazing experiences in unforgettable surroundings with a visit to our winery:

  • Tour with 3 wines tasting: visit Familia Torres winery to discover the secrets of their most representative wines created in Waltraud Cellar. The offer is valid only on Saturday, December 3rd.

Reservations would be made via email (sending a picture of your IBTM World badge to mkolling@torres.es ).

Book your accommodation

We have partnered with HotelMap to bring you the best deals for your hotel stay in Barcelona. So, when you’re booking your room for your trip to IBTM World, why not add on a couple of days and use that time to explore the city.



Discounts with Lufthansa

We have partnered with Lufthansa for discounted flights for you get to Barcelona and back.

To make a reservation, please go to Lufthansa website and enter the access code: GBAUMBO in the "Offer for discounted flights" area. This will open an online booking platform that will automatically calculate the discount offered or provide you with an even better offer if another promotional fare is available.

NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled otherwise the booking platform window will not open