What does the future of the events industry look like?

How have consumer behaviours changed, what are the new mindsets that will be entering our events? How will different regions look to connect with the rest of the world? How quickly and sustainably can they do so? What will be the role of technology, and how will it continue to shape industries?

In short, are we prepared for this new age we’re marching into?

Below is a selection of key trends for the events industry in 2022 and beyond. Discover insights into each trend and learn how we can work together to achieve success in each area. And, if you’re looking for further insights to develop your business strategy for the coming years, click here to download our full IBTM Trends Watch Report.

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The industry has shifted to become more community and locally aware.

How does this approach affect global event organisation?

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

We’ve taken the first steps towards better DE & I in the events industry but, according to the IBTM Trends Watch Report there is more we can do.


Sustainability is going absolutely nowhere as a trend in the events industry and COP26 has provided the catalyst.

How can we push for greater change?


The safety of our attendees is now much more than physical safety. There’s also data security, environmental security, and the continuing pandemic to consider.


Mental Health and Wellness is a core focus of the events industry. How can you support your attendees and employees?

The Virtual Experience Economy

The Virtual Experience Economy is more than just hybrid and the events industry switching to digital.

It’s about adding on a layer of digital expertise to your events.

Want more insights?

Download the full IBTM Trends Watch Report for 2022, where you can discover more regional specific trends, insights into corporate, association and incentive planners and a look across other industries that can inspire the events industry.