IBTM World is going on tour!

Today, events are more than just a place to connect. They‘re now the place to create real, human, cross-team, cross-business cultures.

This year, we’re looking at how the destinations we are visiting use their unique cultures to create limitless potential for events.

As one of the featured destinations within the IBTM World Culture Roadshow Campaign, we’ll curate bespoke, engaging content that will give you unique exposure to our network of 40,000+ buyers, to prime them for better business conversations ahead of the event.

Applications for our 2023 Culture Roadshow will be opening in the Spring.

Benefits include:

Brand Awareness
Gain a boosted status & reputation by being seen to be 'everywhere' by buyers and visitors before the show.

Be seen as the best
Position yourself as a leading cultural destination within your region, and ensure that you're the go to service against the competition.

Promote your presence
Let our world-class network know that you're open for business and increase the likelihood of more meetings and drive traffic to your stand.

*Research proves that a brand needs to be seen 6 times before it imprints in a person's mind. We predict that your destination could receive up to 6.3 more engagements from buyers as a result of being featured in the Culture Campaign.

Key information

The culture roadshow opportunity is only open to organisations who have signed to exhibit at IBTM World by 23 September 2022.

If you are successful in your application, your destination will receive:

  • A 1-1 interview with a member of your team
  • Destination coverage by our editorial team, highlighting the activities and experiences you have to offer
  • An at-show activation where our editorial team and camera crew will stop by your stand for a quick interview

Applications for the IBTM World 2022 Culture Roadshows are now closed. Finalists will be announced via IBTM’s social channels. Good luck!