Group Coordinator Recruitment Tools

IBTM World is here to support all Group Coordinators (GCO's) with the recruitment of top level, international buyers for IBTM World 2022. We’ve put together some helpful tools to assist you in your recruitment process that are in line with the IBTM World brand guidelines.

This page will be updated with useful information for you to download, including a Hosted Buyer journey with key buyer dates and a branded invitation template that you can send directly to buyers.

Hosted Buyer Journey

Make sure your Buyers are aware of the next step of the Hosted Buyer process and what they’ll need to do next!

Our 2022 logo

The official IBTM World logo must be used in all of your communications when recruiting your Buyers.

IBTM World 2022 banners

Use the official IBTM World banners for digital advertising on your website, email headers, email signatures and social media.

Banner 1: 300x250px

Banner 2: 600x150px

Banner 3: 728x90px