These are the best cities for those suffering from burnout 

Whether you are in the office full-time, work from home, or make use of hybrid working, workplace stress is something that more and more employees find themselves grappling with.

79% of employees in fact, according to The American Psychological Association’s ‘Work and Well-being survey’.

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A recent study by Zippia reveals that actually, as many as 9 in 10 workers (89%) say that they have experienced burnout within the past year.

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion and common symptoms include feeling tired or drained most of the time, feeling helpless, and trapped or defeated.

This workplace plight has had a big influence on the way that businesses are operating with many approaching things differently in a bid to reduce this, including when it comes to planning incentive travel.

Typically, the reason for incentive travel is to reward employees for their hard work and/or to attract and retrain talent.

Yet businesses are now using it as a way of addressing employee burnout, with a third of incentive travel professionals (35%) now believing that wellness activities are important for a successful programme according to a study.

So, where should you take employees suffering from burnout?

Well, we found out, by analysing factors that will alleviate symptoms including noise pollution, green spaces, and average sunshine hours. We also looked at factors from each city that employees can take inspiration from including average hours worked, average hours slept, and a minimum number of mandatory paid holiday days per person.

Read on below to find out the results…

Best cities for those suffering from burnout

Key findings:

  • Anyone looking for a good night’s sleep should head to Reykjavik in Iceland with the city’s noise pollution score being an impressive 18.88 out of a possible 100.
  • When it comes to anxiety, being in and around green space is said to alleviate feelings of this and, of all the cities in this study, Vilnius in Lithuania scored highest for the quality of its green spaces.
  • Hustle and bustle are often part and parcel of city life, something that can cause subsequent stress, but thankfully some cities are calmer than others. Looking at an index of traffic, Basel in Switzerland scored the lowest.
  • According to the World Happiness Report, Finland scored the highest once again for 2023 for the record sixth time so the country is ideal for anyone wanting a boost of serotonin.
  • Spending time in the sunshine is one of the best ways to soak up some Vitamin D so anyone suffering from a poor immune function should head to Cairo in Egypt as it has the highest average number of sunshine hours in the study.
  • Visiting somewhere with high air quality is good for anyone suffering from both respiratory and digestive problems and Basel in Switzerland has the lowest average air pollution score of any city in the study with a figure of 1 PM2.5, which is counted as very low.
  • When it comes to having a good work-life balance and taking inspiration from other cities, employees in the Netherlands work the lowest number of hours per week with an average of 30.
  • And when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, take inspiration from the Portuguese who sleep for an average of nine hours and 19 minutes each night.
  • Looking at the number of mandatory paid holiday days too, Peru takes the top spot with 42.

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