Using Random Acts of Kindness in Your Event Strategy

Random acts of kindness have emerged as a key trend in the MICE industry; a topic which we discussed in our 2023 World Trends Report.

The term refers to when businesses take attendees or the general public by surprise by offering them an unexpected perk, gift or discount. By providing a spontaneous reward, event companies can make individuals feel special and valued by the business.

This personal and emotional connection to the organisation can bring all sorts of advantages, such as boosting brand awareness and loyalty. In this article, we delve into how random acts of kindness can be applied in the MICE sector and the benefits that they offer.

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Random Acts of Kindness In Your Events

Random acts of kindness offer numerous benefits to companies. Let's explore some of the most common advantages they bring.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

Incorporating random acts of kindness into an event can significantly enhance the attendee experience. The thoughtful gestures pleasantly surprise and touch those in attendance, leaving a lasting impact and making them feel appreciated and valued by the organisation.

Consequently, event participants are more likely to fully immerse themselves in the overall experience. This heightened level of engagement leads them to invest greater attention and focus, enabling them to derive maximum value and satisfaction from the occasion.

Following the event, attendees’ perception of the company will be elevated and they will be more likely to share their positive experience with others.

Increased Attendee Engagement and Loyalty

Random acts of kindness create a positive and memorable experience for event attendees. Even small acts of kindness trigger the release of oxytocin and serotonin, according to SSM Health.

Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”, plays an integral role in building social bonds, as increased levels foster trust. Serotonin, often referred to as the "happiness hormone," reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

When attendees are pleasantly surprised by random acts of kindness at events, these positive chemicals are released, leading them to develop a personal and positive connection with the company. This meaningful relationship will leave a lasting impression on attendees, significantly enhancing their overall satisfaction with the event. By demonstrating thoughtfulness, generosity and care, event organisers can establish a deeper emotional connection with those in attendance and establish a sense of loyalty and trust.

What Are Some Examples of Random Acts of Kindness During Events?

After reading about the benefits, you may now be wondering, “What are some random acts of kindness I can do at my events?”. Below, we have outlined three effective ways to integrate this popular trend into the MICE industry.

1. Enter Ticket-Holders into a Lottery

Integrating a lottery system that automatically enters ticket-holders into a raffle for exciting prizes is an exceptional way to incorporate a random act of kindness into an event. The prizes can range from branded pens and water bottles to enticing rewards like gift cards to renowned hotel groups or popular restaurant brands.

This exciting gesture creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among attendees, making them feel valued and appreciated. In addition, the act of kindness will solidify the brand’s reputation as a considerate leader in the industry.

Attendees are also likely to be more invested in the event due to anticipation of the lottery winners being announced. The excitement is likely to create a more memorable experience, further amplifying the success of the event and enhancing the brand’s image. In addition, the anticipation may also generate social media engagement, with attendees sharing their hopes, predictions and reactions online.

2. Upgrade Someone’s Access to VIP Area

Surprising an attendee by randomly upgrading them to VIP access is another great approach for those trying to find ideas for random acts of kindness in the MICE industry. This special perk makes attendees feel valued while the element of surprise adds a layer of “delight” which encourages loyalty, as covered in our report.

While the complimentary upgrade immediately makes the fortunate attendee feel special and more positive about the event from the get-go, it is also likely to bring forth a multitude of long-term benefits for your company. 

The happy recipient is highly likely to share their exciting news with friends and family upon returning home. Through the power of word-of-mouth, the story of the random act of kindness will spread organically, without the need for direct promotion from the company.

What’s more, the privileges and exclusive benefits that VIP access will offer the attendee will elevate their experience, creating a lasting impression and significantly enhancing their overall satisfaction.

3. Provide Attendees with a Goodie Bag

Providing attendees with a goodie bag is a wonderful way to integrate a random act of kindness into an event. The carefully curated bag can be filled with relevant products and useful items designed to enhance the attendees' experience both during and after the occasion.

The contents of the goodie bag can include a range of thoughtful items like notebooks and pens, portable chargers to keep devices powered up throughout the day, reusable water bottles for staying hydrated and small snacks to maintain energy levels during an event.

These carefully selected items can enhance attendees' comfort and pleasure during the event, making it all the more enjoyable and memorable. The thoughtful goodies also serve as a tangible representation of the brand’s commitment to providing a high-quality experience for all of those present.

Alternatively, the goodie bag and its contents can come in a digital form to minimise environmental impact. For example, an email informing guests that they have received a gift card for a charity, online retailer or food voucher.

These goodies will act as a lasting reminder of the company’s generosity and care for both attendees and sustainability.

Using Random Acts of Kindness to Elevate Your Event Brand

There are many effective ways to improve the brand image of your events company, and random acts of kindness are a remarkably effective approach that you can add to your brand strategy.

Brand Consistency

While many MICE companies claim to care about attendees, not all of them reflect this in what they do. Research shows that brand authenticity plays an integral role in developing trust and loyalty between customers and businesses.

Random acts of kindness offer a fantastic way to showcase common company values such as thoughtfulness, care and generosity. They allow businesses to embody these principles that they claim to stand for, cultivating a more sincere and genuine brand image.

Demonstrating genuine care for the causes you advocate for sets your company apart from the competition as one that is authentic, trustworthy and genuine. In turn, this elevates and humanises your brand image into one that those in the industry are more likely to trust and invest in.

Leave Legacies

Random acts of kindness hold significant power in shaping perceptions, fostering loyalty and establishing a lasting legacy of goodwill attached to the brand. When incorporated into events, these gestures create positive and memorable experiences for attendees, leading them to cultivate a strong connection with the company.

Demonstrating thoughtfulness in this way is likely to leave a lasting impression on attendees and help them to form a positive connection with the company and contribute to their overall perception of the brand. In addition, they are likely to share their touching experience with others, both within and outside the industry.

This word-of-mouth promotion amplifies the brand's reputation for being caring and considerate, reaching a much larger audience than the number of event attendees alone.

What Are Some Examples of Random Acts of Kindness in the Events Industry?

Looking for random acts of kindness ideas to help elevate your brand? We have shared three ways those in the MICE industry can adopt this approach beyond the events themselves.

1. Donate Event Profits to Charity

Donating event profits to charity can be a highly effective way for those in the industry to differentiate themselves from the competition and enhance their overall brand image and reputation.

While long-standing partnerships with good causes are also a brilliant way to establish and demonstrate values, unexpectedly donating profits to charities can offer a highly tangible demonstration of social responsibility. This element of surprise can also garner positive publicity and media coverage, which will both raise awareness of the cause you are supporting and increase the visibility of the business.

The news that the company is donating to a good cause will also bring attendees to form a deeper connection and positive association with the brand. This can result in increased attendance, participation and general engagement, leading to more successful and impactful events in the future.

2. Support a Local Business

Supporting a local business is another fantastic way of committing a random act of kindness in the industry. After an event takes place, you can collaborate with small vendors, suppliers and service providers to provide a thoughtful gift for those who were in attendance.

One effective approach is surprising attendees with gifts or vouchers from local businesses. In doing so, you provide attendees with a special token of appreciation while also introducing them to the unique products, services and experiences offered by small businesses.

Not only does this serve as a lovely surprise for recipients but can also contribute to the growth and sustainability of companies in the area. Recipients will remember the generosity and thoughtfulness of your company when they redeem the gifts or vouchers, while the act of kindness will shape your brand as one that genuinely cares about its attendees and the local community.

Another impactful gesture would be donating a portion of event profits to support small businesses in the area. On top of providing financial support for less established companies, this gesture can garner positive PR and media coverage.

The publicity is likely to paint your brand in a highly favourable light, presenting it as a champion of local entrepreneurship. This positive reputation can lead to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty and potential partnerships with other small businesses.

3. Surprise Previous Attendees with Free Tickets or Discounts

Offering complimentary tickets or discounts to past attendees is another impactful random act of kindness for an events company. Doing so demonstrates genuine appreciation for the attendees' support and fosters a sense of value and loyalty.

Providing free tickets or discounts to previous attendees brings them to feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation which leads to them feeling like they are being recognised and valued. In doing so, the gesture can forge a strong bond between them and the company which leads to loyalty.

In addition, this random act of kindness is likely to inspire past attendees to share their positive experiences with others. This word-of-mouth promotion has the potential to expand the company’s client base greatly.

Moreover, the act of giving free tickets or discounts establishes a reputation for the events company as a considerate and customer-focused organisation. This positive perception can contribute to the company's brand image, making it more appealing to both new and existing attendees.


Random acts of kindness can be a spectacular way for those in the events industry to demonstrate their commitment to attendees and brand values. This deliberate focus on thoughtfulness not only enhances the overall experience for those in attendance but also elevates the company's reputation within the industry and beyond.

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