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  • Hosted Buyer Lounge day 3

    Thursday08:00 - 19:0021-11-2019
    Hosted Buyer Lounge


    • Language: English

  • KEYNOTE: Achieving success in a crisis

    Thursday09:00 - 10:0021-11-2019
    Theatre 1

    John Volanthen, World Record-Holding British Cave Diver who played a key role in the 2018 Tham Luang Thailand cave rescue will discuss managing risk and how to ...

    • Language: English

  • Work Hard Play Hard - the Future of Work

    Thursday10:00 - 10:3021-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    Advice for young people entering and striving within the work place in 2025. What works, what doesn’t, how is the role of work and life changing, how can we ...

    • Language: English

  • Student Morning

    Thursday10:00 - 12:0021-11-2019
    Theatre 3

    It’s all about me This programme is open to students only. You can come along and take part in all sessions or you can dip in and dip out. Each session will i...

    • Language: English

  • Meetings Outlook: A Deep Dive into the Latest Industry Trends

    Thursday10:30 - 11:0021-11-2019
    MPI Stand K94

    *A repeat of the session on Tuesday 19th November*  Meeting professionals are so over-taxed in the present, they may not have the time to look ahead. Preview t...

    • Language: English

  • How to Build a Business in 2025

    Thursday10:30 - 11:0021-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    How can you build a modern business, with modern values and ethics, that is commercially successful, empathetic to staff, quality for clients, and creates great...

    • Language: English

  • How to find your personal purpose

    Thursday10:30 - 11:3021-11-2019
    Theatre 2

    Increasingly #eventprofs and our clients are working to create events that put a high priority on purpose, leaving a legacy or making a difference to the world....

    • Language: English

  • The IBTM World Industry Trends Report 2019

    Thursday10:30 - 11:3021-11-2019
    Theatre 1

    *A repeat of the session on Tuesday 19th November* The IBTM World Global Trends Watch Report is evolving, because the world around it continued to do the same....

    • Language: English

  • New, New Nostalgia & The International Slime Festival

    Thursday11:00 - 12:0021-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    How can you create events from themes and trends, not just looking forward but looking back? While everyone looks to the future, Amber is interested in the past...

    • Language: English

  • Technology: Fad or New Normal

    Thursday11:30 - 12:0021-11-2019
    MPI Stand K94

    Meeting professionals see many challenges as they look to the future of events, and one of the biggest is how to make better technology decisions in the face of...

    • Language: English

  • New wave of influencers; what are the critical factors for accommodating Mega Events in the destination selection process?

    Thursday11:45 - 12:4521-11-2019
    Theatre 1

    Have you ever you stopped to consider the challenges that organizers face when they are planning city wide events, and the impact that accommodation sourcing ca...

    • Language: English

  • The German LiveCom Market - Status and outlook

    Thursday11:45 - 12:4521-11-2019
    Theatre 2

    What is happening in the German Live Events Industry? - Get key insights from the biggest Market in Europe.  Find out what is relevant for customers and hear a...

    • Language: English

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