Panel Discussion: How to Embrace Influencers in the MICE Industry

Panel Discussion: How to Embrace Influencers in the MICE Industry

20-11-2019, 12:30 - 13:00

Accelerate Stage

Our industry would love to work with influencers, but how do you start? And when? And how influencer marketing will fit in your strategy? A discussion together with influencers and suppliers. To show the power of influencer marketing and share practical insights and talk about the ‘misperception’ about influencers. Also to show to suppliers who these influencers are, and to make influencer marketing more ‘realistic’.


  • Sabrina Meyers


    Global Event Planner

    Hot Hospitality Exchange

    Sabrina Meyers is an experienced global event planner and founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange. She curates, creates and publishes content across...

  • Alessia Di Raimondo


    Co-Founder and Marketing & Communication Manager


    Alessia DI Raimondo is a certified meeting specialist, destination marketing and media relations manager, MICE content creator and PR. She has been...

  • Giovanna Lucherini


    Managing Director

    Napoli Convention Bureau

    About 100% Italian, +25 years in the M.I.C.E. industry, +10 years in the Italian Fashion industry, 1 year at Walt Disney World. MPI Meeting...

  • Nadine Barembruch


    Regional Director of Sales East

    Vienna House