Influencer Marketing Case Study: EventGoodies

Influencer Marketing Case Study: EventGoodies

20-11-2019, 10:30 - 11:00

Accelerate Stage

How do you receive more attention for your destination and the presence of different suppliers? What is the added value for the destination to have an influencer involved in your destination? Samira Salman, founder of EventGoodies, worked on a project in the Netherlands to create brand awareness for a product. She will explain what she has done to add value to this particular project, and how this project evolved. In this session you will receive tips, insights of the influencer, blogger and vlogger herself and how influencer marketing can support your destination, venue or any other supplier in the industry. 


  • Samira Salman




    Samira Salman is a content marketer and started with a blog site in 2014, just for fun. Nowadays she works with companies to create blogs and vlogs...