Pimp My Senses…Body Talk

Pimp My Senses…Body Talk

19-11-2019, 12:30 - 13:00

Accelerate Stage

Events are a sensory experience and to our audiences, feelings are facts. This is a sensory session that makes “sense” of how our senses connect us to the world around us. Our senses are the tools we use to process information to make sense of the things we experience. Technology is constantly adding new tools to enhance the control and delivery of these experiences and “pimp” our senses to an increasingly super-human level. This session will delve into the human and apply examples and takeaways on how to “pimp the five senses” with neat technology and a conclusion that experience led events are the “sixth sense” that prove to humans, “feelings are facts”.


  • Robert Dunsmore


    Independent Creative Director/Consulant

    A freelance creative events professional delivering experiences defined and shaped by culture first – everything else is just infrastructure. A...