Extraordinarily Inclusive: Events that Embrace Everyone

Extraordinarily Inclusive: Events that Embrace Everyone

20-11-2019, 15:30 - 16:00

MPI Stand K94

From age, race and gender to religion, language and experience, our meetings welcome a strikingly diverse audience of individuals from increasingly diverse backgrounds. How can we as meeting professionals create events that offer welcoming experiences to all of our participants? Discuss the different ways people differ from each other, discover next practices in welcoming diverse audiences and creating inclusive experiences and brainstorm ways we can be more hospitable to the individuals we host.   


Learner Outcomes:

Review all of the ways our audience members can differ from one another.

Learn creative ways meeting professionals are finding to be more inclusive.

Leave with methods you can use tomorrow to make your meetings more welcoming.


  • Jessie States CMP, CMM


    Director, MPI Academy

    Meeting Professionals International

    Jessie States, CMP, CMM, is the Director of the MPI Academy for Meeting Professionals International, where she leads and advances MPI’s professional...