KEYNOTE: Authentic Leadership: 9 Skills the Ultimate Successful Leader Needs to Develop

KEYNOTE: Authentic Leadership: 9 Skills the Ultimate Successful Leader Needs to Develop

20-11-2019, 09:30 - 10:00

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Leadership is more important than ever before to solve the world´s most pressing challenges like technological disruption and climate change. Yet true leaders are in short supply. At the heart of contemporary corporate leadership lies a crisis of confidence. Since the financial crash of 2008, distrust in leaders has dramatically increased. Only one-third of people trust leaders. How can we get the leaders the world needs? Authenticity is the antidote to this crisis of confidence in leadership. In this conference, I tell you the stories of some of the most inspirational leaders around the world and share scientific evidence of my two decades of research on authentic leadership. What I have learned is that authenticity is more than the “just be yourself” adage. Authentic leadership is about cultivating your unique personality and life story to serve the needs of multiple stakeholders. To become an authentic leader, you need to tick three boxes; -heart, habit and harmony – what I have called the three Hs of authentic leadership. Authenticity means feeling good about who you are; pushing your limits; and being greater than yourself. These drivers are behind the world´s great leaders. They follow their heart, they make learning a habit and they create harmonious workplaces. Staying authentic is a work in progress. You can teach your mind to think differently, kind of “mind-fitness” and to lead differently. You can learn the nine skills that all leaders must develop if you want to become and remain authentic. People choose the kind of leadership they want to show. Authentic people report more happiness, higher self-esteem, more gratitude and better relationships with others. You can choose the easy way – to copy the style of others, or you can work a bit harder and practice these nine skills to develop your unique leadership style. 


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