Speaker Showcase: Neuroscience and The Decision-Making Process

Speaker Showcase: Neuroscience and The Decision-Making Process

20-11-2019, 11:10 - 11:30

Theatre 1

At all levels of life we make decisions that somehow define who we are, but rarely reflect on the process by which we decide or mentally reach decisions. Science has taught us that this path is full of biases, errors, distortions.

The purpose of this talk, examples: why sometimes we rely so much on our decisions, sometimes not, some decisions are made from the heart or intuition and why we do not reflect much. This ranges from social decisions that can be for human resources or marketing to risk decisions (more or less risk). From hiring, business, financial decisions.

  • Decisions that define our way of being and the mental process when making decisions
  • The types of decisions we make and why (emotional and rational components)
  • Effects and consequences of our decisions



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