Live Design Creation

Live Design Creation

20-11-2019, 14:15 - 15:15

Theatre 2

It's design-karaoke but not as you know it, a session of live design creation where in 45 minutes we will crowdsource a conference design concept as a live “workshop” session to illustrate the design process and prove everyone can get involved. It’s all about the brief - where a great idea comes from and how to interpret the brief to include the following processes

•ISSUES PHASE – the stakeholder issues, budget issues, venue issues, audience issues…

•IDEA PHASE - the idea platform that will inform every decision

•DELIVERY PHASE -  the format, the technology, the audience touchpoints, know your event

With a takeaway – eight tests or rules you can apply to any concept you come up with. These are eight key design thinking mantras curated for application to the live events sector.


  • Robert Dunsmore


    Independent Creative Director/Consulant

    A freelance creative events professional delivering experiences defined and shaped by culture first – everything else is just infrastructure. A...