Building Resilience; Managing External Pressure & Internal Stress'

Building Resilience; Managing External Pressure & Internal Stress'

19-11-2019, 13:00 - 14:00

Theatre 3
English (United Kingdom)

How much pressure do we experience as professionals in the events industry? 

Looming deadlines, client expectations, client/supplier relations? But realistically how much pressure do we place on ourselves and how is this impacting our overall wellbeing, mental and physical health through stress?

The events industry is pressured, there is no escaping that, many people find it stressful and it has been cited as the 5th most stressful career. But it doesn’t have to be, it can simply be the rewarding, exciting and motivating career that it really is.

An exclusive for IBTM World 2019, Helen Moon, Managing Director of EventWell Ltd and Co-Founder of Event Wellbeing Week, will aim to influence your understanding and appreciation of external and internal pressures, as well as the difference between pressure and stress. 

More importantly she will aim to have you leave the session feeling more comfortable and relaxed with the following statements.

- It’s OK to not have all the answers

- It’s OK to let yourself cry

- It’s OK to ask for help                                                                         

- It’s OK to feel all the emotions

- It’s OK to make mistakes

- It’s OK to have bad days

- It’s OK to not be perfect

- It’s OK to take a break

- It’s OK to let go

- It’s OK to say no



  • Helen Moon


    Founder and Managing Director


    Helen Moon is one of the co-founders and Managing Director for EventWell, the event industry’s new social enterprise and educational resource for...