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The MICE guru understands you and makes your dreams better before making them come true! As a full service DMC, we design and create the craziest millennial incentives, the most successful product launches, fully green conferences and events your guests will talk about for years. We are experts in Norway and that's a lot of destinations! We believe covering all of Scandinavia is not the right way to go. As Strategic Partner of Ovation global DMC, we however have colleagues all around the world to work on those multi-country projects. We keep a close watch on all developments in our mesmorizing country, constantly create new concepts and find new unique places and opportunities to match our client's values and needs. Sustainability and giving back are particularly important to us. Our portfolio is filled with tons of major global brands of all industries. There's a lot to write and talk about, but better yet, come and experience our world for yourself!


  • Product launch

    Cars, new drinks, technology, cosmetics, medical supplies...we find the right setting to put your new product in the spotlight!

  • Creative MICE design

    We don't like standard things and we'd like to challenge you to think differently. Forget about your regular meeting set up or the traditional incent...

  • Extraordinary incentives

    We can do bespoke, traditional, fjords and northern lights like everybody else. However, we push the boundaries a bit more and create brand new stuff...

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    The MICE guru
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