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La Rioja is Spain’s smallest region. However, it is not easy to find in such small area —just over five thousand square kilometres— such a diversity of landscapes, art, history and traditions. It is located in a privileged enclave at the heart of the Ebro Valley, a natural crossroads that has given it a multifarious character where coexistence and harmony rule in diversity. This land has earned worldwide fame thanks to one of its products, whose finely crafted quality has achieved universal renown —wine. When you say Rioja you are saying wine; something so intimately linked to this land that, on occasion, both are confused with each other and superimposed. Exceptional natural conditions, together with the know-how acquired during centuries of oenological culture, make it possible for a new vintage to arise every autumn —an unparalleled credential to initiate us into the knowledge of a space and a people who will undoubtedly surprise us; a passport for a journey with personality to the Land with the Name of a Wine: La Rioja. In La Rioja, wine is discernible. The region, sprinkled with vineyards, constitutes a crossroads and meeting place of the cultures of the various peoples who chose this land to fill their cups. In the Ebro Valley, where you abandon the damp Spain of the north on your way to the Castilian plateau, you will find the culture of wine. La Rioja proposes that you experience it with your five senses. A visit to La Rioja always turns into a journey to the world of wine. A tour of our bodegas allows you to understand the evolution of this product, particularly since the establishment of the great bodegas of the 19th century, with spectacular modern designs, conceived by great architects. But the journey into the world of wine of La Rioja does not exclusively involve visiting wineries. You have to come out to the vineyards, learn about their history and their art, enjoy a wine tasting session, and pair each glass with its best companion: Riojan cuisine.



    La Rioja reminds one of wine, even in its name. Its geographical location on the Ebro Valley, its climatic conditions and the makeup of the soil have ...


    When the pilgrim bound for Santiago de Compostela crosses the river Ebro, he enters the Old Town of the capital of the region of La Rioja. 600 kms sep...


    If you mention La Rioja today, people immediately think of its high quality wines. La Rioja is a universally-known name thanks to this much-loved prod...

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