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"Baltic Blues Events DMC" is a Destination Management Company specializing in business travel in the Baltic States and Russia. We offer: INCENTIVES: everything you can imagine - cultural experience, or active and adventure activities, we will make it authentic and unforgettable. MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES: large conventions or small business meetings – we will work with you, hand in hand, to make it a success. EVENTS: new product launches, promo events, team buildings, not to forget amazing gala-dinners – we will take care of any event. "Baltic Blues Events DMC" consists of international team based in the Baltic States and Russia. We use our local knowledge to narrow down the potential destinations and come up with a detailed proposal. We will find out your objectives, listen to your company culture and use our creativity to design a successful event. Our professional management team works on every touch-point to fulfill and even exceed your expectations. 6 reasons to choose us: 1. Efficience – we answer FAST, provide you with a precise information, and save your time; 2. Unique scenarios – we help you to stand out from the competition and offer exclusive and exciting activities; 3. Authentic Experience – we want you to have a real feeling of the cities and help you experience the local culture; 4. Wide choice of activities – we offer a wide range of facilities and incentive ideas and help you to choose what is the best for you; 5. Up To Date – we offer what is “hot” and follow the main industry trends; 6. International Team – in cooperation with colleagues from different countries and cities we create new ideas and services inspired by different cultures.


  • PanCars City Rally

    PanCars Rally is a tailor made orienteering game by small Fiat cars, produced in Poland and painted by the best Latvian graffiti artists. Perfect way ...

  • Chill-Out Party on a Boat

    Colorful cocktails, waiters dressed in thematic costumes, festival atmosphere with DJ and live-music performances, unusual dinner and style of serving...

  • Flying Above the Trees

    Do you wish to fulfill mankind’s ancient dream – to fly freely in the air? Then head over to Latvia! It is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to s...

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  • Baltic Blues Events DMC

    "Baltic Blues Events DMC" is a Destination Management Company specializing in business travel in the Baltic States and Russia. The professional and ...


  • Baltic Blues Events DMC

    A short introduction to "Baltic Blues Events" and our services in the Baltic States and Russia.