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What is Mallorca if not a succession of sensations and emotions that come together and leave their mark on its visitors over time? Mallorca is spirit; it is aroma and colour; it is the magic of nature in its purest state and the quintessence of peace and tranquillity in all of its splendour. From north to south and from east to west, the island offers its visitors the very best of its land: from landscapes of red and white wine, to the finest cuisine and a cultural, recreational and entertainment supply on par with the very best tourism spots on the planet. Mallorca is trend, nature, gastronomy, business, sailing, light and warmth. In a word, it is unique in every sense. Singular and once-in-a-lifetime. Welcome to the island of peace and tranquillity. The lifestyle in Mallorca is traditionally Mediterranean. On our coasts, peaceful luxury comes together with daily family life, and the serenity of the day combines with the most authentic nightlife and the hallmark of Mallorca. And as the Mediterranean island that it is, Mallorca welcomes its visitors warmly, placing at their disposal its diverse array of restaurants, cafés and top-notch hotels furnished to perfection, to offer them the very best of our island. Should you decide to combine your meeting with a shopping outing, in Mallorca you are sure to find shops to satisfy everyone’s different tastes. Both in Palma and in the rest of the towns on the island, you will have a choice of luxury brand stores, stylish shops and small boutiques, as well as other alternatives, including the outdoor craft fairs and flea markets in the different towns.

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