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Aric Dromi

Job TitleProfessional Disruptor, Futurologist and Digital Philosopher


Looking into a new way of thinking about how things work, Aric Dromi helps advance philosophical research and related fields through innovation & technology. He looks at emerging global trends and helps identify the strategic implications of those trends. An essential part of capturing the future is being able to explain it, make it tangible and most important, make it relevant. That’s exactly what he does. He tells stories about the future that could happen and helps develop concepts around what should happen. He is also the in-house futurologist at Volvo cars.

Conference Sessions

  • KEYNOTE: How will technology impact the way to plan for the future

    Wednesday09:00 - 09:3020-11-2019
    Theatre 1

    We're in the pre-X era and post everything else. How will X shape our social contracts? How will technology impact the way to plan for the future? What are the ...


    • Language: English