Contributor Profile

Alessia Di Raimondo

Job TitleCo-Founder and Marketing & Communication Manager

Company NameBeAcademy


Alessia DI Raimondo is a certified meeting specialist, destination marketing and media relations manager, MICE content creator and PR. She has been working in the MICE industry for over 5 years, currently as VP of communication at MPI Italy Chapter board, and is co-founder and lecturer at BeAcademy.

Conference Sessions

  • Influencer Marketing Case Study: Napoli Convention Bureau

    Tuesday13:30 - 14:0019-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    In this session we will present a recent case study initiated by the Napoli Convention Bureau in collaboration with the influencer Alessia Di Raimondo. This tal...

    • Language: English
  • Panel Discussion: How to Embrace Influencers in the MICE Industry

    Wednesday12:30 - 13:0020-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    Our industry would love to work with influencers, but how do you start? And when? And how influencer marketing will fit in your strategy? A discussion together ...

    • Language: English
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Influencer Marketing

    Thursday12:00 - 12:3021-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    In depth conversation with 4 influencers about the future of influencer marketing; what’s their opinion about influencer marketing, is it just a trend or a sust...

    • Language: English
  • Influencer Academy: Content Creators

    Thursday12:30 - 13:0021-11-2019
    Accelerate Stage

    What is a content creator and how can they create a successful collaboration with suppliers? This session is perfect for suppliers (planners are welcome ofco...

    • Language: English