Venue Details


The show will be held at the Fira de Barcelona in Hall 3, which can be accessed by the South Entrance / Accés Sud entrance.

Fira Barcelona Gran Via

Av. Joan Carles I

08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat



Venue & General Information

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Exhibitor Catering

Exhibitor Catering - Updated for 2022

Exhibitor catering procedures have been updated for 2022. 

Food and Drink Service on Exhibitor Stands:

Exhibitors can once again offer catering from their stands on the provision that they comply with current Spanish Law for the food and beverage served on their stand. 

We highly recommend all catering is supplied by the venues official caterer, Gastrofira. Gastrofira fully complies with the legislation in force, with a central kitchen area and storages facilities within the venue. If you wish to supply and serve your own catering, or use an external provider for this, please find further information below.

Catering Declaration and Management Plan:

If you intend on having any catering served on your stand it is a mandatory requirement to complete the Catering Declaration and Management Plan, even if catering is being supplied by Gastrofira. This form must be submitted by 1st November 2022

Catering Declaration and Management Plan

PLEASE NOTE: If the catering declaration has not been completed, or if onsite delivery and service does not comply with requirements stated in the management plan then we reserve the right to stop service onsite.  


Gastrofira Catering Orders

Gastrofira offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious food, including beverages and equipment delivered directly to your stand.

To place your catering order go to the Gastrofira webshop.


Stand Delivery information:

Initial Request:

Delivery can be ordered through the e-commerce until Thursday 24th November, 2022. Service cannot be guarantee if your request is after this date.

Restocking during Exhibition:

The online ordering system will open from the 29th of November to the 1st of December 2022  on daily basis until 5 pm each day for restocking at the show. Please consider that for new onsite orders, some food items might not be available. Please ensure you have enough space for deliveries to me made to your stand safely, allowing for social distancing. Deliveries should not be left blocking the surrounding aisles.

Catering Delivery Service Times:

The service times for the standard booth catering offer are as follows:

From 08:00 to 10:00 for drinks, snacks, tableware, pastries and fruit.

From 10:00 to 12:00 all other products.


Warranties: Once the catering products requested have been delivered and the client has signed the corresponding delivery note, goods may not be returned or exchanged.


Customized orders:

If you cannot find what you are looking in the Gastrofira webshop, or you have special dietary requirements, or require a specialized personal offer for your stand or suite, please do not hesitate to contact Gastrofira Sales Department. They will work on a tailored catering offer for you and create something especially for you. If serving local or specialized culinary produce from your country or venue is important, Gastrofira may be able to source and prepare this food for you. Please place your initial order by Thursday 17th of November 2022.


Carolina Gonzalez and Byoli Bae

Tel: +34 605 342 352 / +34 661805135

Email: /

External Catering Companies

All catering passes for external caterers will need to come out of the overall exhibitor badge allowance.


If external caterers require a vehicle to come onsite to make a delivery, you will need to confirm their details in the Catering Declaration and Management Plan. Upon receiving this information vehicle passes are issued on pre-open days from the Organisers Office where they can be collected from. Please note that vehicles will be permitted for delivery only, and must be removed from site as soon as they are unloaded. If parking on site, they must pay the venue parking fees. Please note €300 per vehicle is charged if staying overnight.


External caterers must ensure that all generated waste as a result of their services is removed from the venue immediately. Dumping material or disposing of it in venue waste bins is strictly prohibited. Companies not complying with this condition will be charged a waste removal fee by Fira Barcelona or may have their access rights revoked.


Non-official catering companies are required to hire a minimum of one 240 litre catering waste container per stand, prior to being granted their vehicle passes. Bins are €118.25 (VAT not incl). To contract your catering waste containers please refer to the ServiFira webshop.


External Caterer Food Hygiene Requirements

The following regulations have been updated for 2022 to ensure food service is within Spanish Food and Hygiene Regulations; these requirements will be normal practice for good caterers.


All external caterers, no matter what food service they are providing, must be certified by SAIA and hold a current SAIA Certification before being allowed to operate at IBTM World. If the external caterer you chose to use does not already have SAIA Authorization, there will be a fee of €275 + VAT to gain this Authorisation from SAIA. Please complete the Catering Declaration and Management Plan advising us on the type of food preparation being conducted on site.


Further information about what is required to gain Authorisation from SAIA is below:


1. Documents required

  • Food Hygiene Authorization in force to sell or serve food in Fira de Barcelona
  • In case of not having the above:
    • Letter of commitment of compliance with the legislation in force, relative to food hygiene (Regulation 852/2004)
    • Photocopy of the Sanitary Registration
    • Manual of the self-controlling system based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
    • Register of training of the food handling personnel
    • List of existing allergens in the offered products


2. Basic facility requirements (verified on site)

  • Installation of drinkable water (sinks), equipped with antibacterial soap and paper. Mandatory in case of food handling in the stand.
  • Adequate structure (floors, walls, protected lights, roofed in handling areas, adequate furniture, etc.)
  • Handling surfaces: smooth, non-permeable and easy to clean.
  • Dispose the necessary equipment to maintain temperatures of food (hot food over 65ºC / 149ºF; cold food under 4ºC / 39ºF).
  • Trash cans with non-manual opening lids
  • Inside the exhibition halls it is not permitted to cook or heat with fire, material used for this purpose must be electrical. Any gas installation is prohibited.
  • Electrical box 24 hours for refrigerators and machinery that need permanent supply.


Operators or suppliers who need water facilities must hire the point of supply and drainage through Servifira. The electrical panel, power and industry rates should be also hired directly with Servifira. Fira de Barcelona accepts no responsibility for interruptions or irregularities that may occur in the water supply or electricity, due to the responsibility of the utility companies.


3. Handling Good Practice minimum requirements

  • Samples of any food being consumed by more than 50 persons must be kept frozen for 5 days after the end of the event.
  • Order and adequate protection of products (raw-cooked separation, no contact with ground, removal of cartons, separation of chemicals, etc.)
  • Fulfilment of the food hygiene good practices (personal hygiene, use of jewellery, tied up hair, no use of cotton rags, no use of wooden tools, etc.)
  • Transport of food in an isothermal environment to avoid breaking the cold chain.
  • Use of exclusive uniforms to work, and adequate storage of clothing and personal items
  • All personnel has to be in a healthy state that will not compromise the healthiness of the food (fever, cough, flu, badly covered wounds, etc.)


All documents asked in Section 1 have to be sent to SAIA consultancy with a minimal of 15 days before the beginning of the event, to validate its contents. Send to:

Mr. Lluís Riera / Klaas Romaní

Email:  /

Tel: +34 931 841 048


SAIA will perform on site audits, during the event, to verify compliance with the different requirements, generating a report with score. If the external caterer does not already have SAIA Authorization, there will be a fee of €275 + VAT. Once the documents have been checked and if they fulfil the requirements, SAIA will issue the corresponding invoice, which must be paid by the operator/supplier, submitting proof of the transaction. Once done, SAIA will issue the Food Hygiene Authorization to sell or serve food in Fira de Barcelona.


Food Hygiene Authorization has annual validity, from the date of issue, as long as a minimum score of 80% is reached in the audit. 



Kitchens are once again permitted on exhibitor stands. Kitchens must meet the above requirements in section '2. Basic facility requirements'; they will be visited by SAIA onsite to ensure they comply with these requirements. Please note that if you have a service chest within an enclosed kitchen area this must remain accessible throughout the event should the venue need urgent access to this service chest. 


Exhibitor & Contractor Welfare

We all have a duty of care to help and support event industry professionals and here at RX, the safety and wellbeing of everyone onsite is one of our top priorities.  Everyone has a role to play to look out and care for our colleagues and peers and we can all do this by taking the following steps:

  • Don’t request or plan for stand designs that can not be safely and comfortably constructed and dismantled during the published time available.
  • Provide sufficient amount of onsite crew to reduce long working hours
  • Ensure adequate breaks for staff
  • Everyone on site should have access to drinking water, catering facilities and rest rooms
  • Be kind.  Be considerate

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation or partial evacuation is on the advice of the Venue. Should an emergency occur that necessitates an evacuation, an announcement will be made over the PA system. Exit the building immediately via the nearest exit point and make your way on foot to your closest Assembly Point. Please refrain from using mobile phones at this time.

Whilst at the Assembly Point you will be kept informed of developments. When the emergency has ceased you will either be invited to return to the exhibition to resume normal business or advised to return the next day – in which case you will not be permitted to return to the exhibition to collect vehicles, bags, briefcases etc.

To download the venue Emergency Procedures that should be distributed to all staff working onsite, please click here.


A badging system is in place to ensure all personnel are registered and associated with the show.

Exhibitor badges are essential for open days, unfortunately no badge no entry! During the build up and breakdown period all contractors must have a venue badge or e-badge, and an exhibitor badge for open.

Advice for Exhibitors

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment and the premises are patrolled day and night, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and their property.

Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their goods, please consider how you can secure your products and belongings whilst on-site. We recommend that valuables are not left unattended on your stand and are removed or locked away each evening. This is particularly relevant on the closing evening and throughout the breakdown period. During the day be aware of your space - report anything or anyone suspicious to security. If you are a victim of theft please report it immediately.

If you would like specialist security for your stand please contact the Official Security Contractor.