Logistics: Traffic, Deliveries, Lifting & Storage



The Organisers & Venue are doing everything they can to ensure that build up and breakdown runs as smoothly as possible for everyone onsite, but all Exhibitors, Contractors and Suppliers also have a responsibility for this. Below are some ideas that you should be considering:

Advanced Warehousing

Want to avoid the traffic queues and potentially save money? Then why not send your goods/stand building materials to the Official Logistics Provider two weeks before the show, who will then deliver them to your stand in time for when you arrive onsite.

Delay Delivery of Furniture & Dressing Items

You don’t need your furniture on the first day of build so be considerate of others and plan your deliveries accordingly.  To avoid the risk of furniture and dressing items being turned away during the first few days of build, why not arrange for these items to be stored with the Official Logistics Provider until you are ready for them?  


No one enjoys getting stuck in exhibition traffic and it is very easy for courier drivers to refuse to deliver your items to your stand if it is difficult to find.  Therefore consider contacting our Official Logistics Provider who would be more than happy to manage these deliveries for you instead.  Give them a call to see how they can help ensure a smoother onsite experience for you and your team. 

You may also want to consider having all of your deliveries made to the ILS courier reception point for a small fee. This will allow your courier to delivery your items quickly and easily, without needing to come into the exhibition hall unessecarily. Here you have the option to collect the items yourself when you arrive onsite, or request ILS deliver these to your stand when you are ready for them. 


If Brexit will have an impact on you delivering items to and from the exhibition then please click here for advice and guidance from the Official Logistics Provider who are more than happy to help with any further queries.

By preparing in advance and shipping early you are reducing the risk of delays or even your goods not turning up on time. 

The organisers can not take responsibility for anyone’s deliveries/shipments.  They are also unable to provide EORI numbers.  Do make sure that you check the guidance and speak to the Official Logistics Provider.

Traffic & Parking

All vehicles accessing the loading areas during build up and breakdown are required to pay an access fee. Payment is through a conventional parking system. When accessing the venue collect a ticket then pay at the pay-machine before leaving. Fees will vary depending on your vehicle type and length of stay. 

You are reminded that vehicle access fees will also apply to courier companies. 


Want to avoid any exhibition traffic and save time?

Then we strongly recommend that you consider booking the Advanced Warehouse option with the Official Logistics Provider. Send your goods around 2 weeks before the show and they will be stored and delivered directly to your stand when you are ready for it.  It will not only save you time but could also save you money.  Speak to the official logistics provider directly to see how they can help.



There is an underground car park at the venue - entrance at the front of the Fira. Pre-paid tickets should be purchased at the Customer Service desk, located inside the venue premises. Below are the 2022 rates. These prices include +21% VAT: Pre-paid Tickets Day ticket (show period): €24,10 Last day of build-up + 3 days of show: €53,45 A combined ticket of build-up; 3 days of show and breakdown: €73,85

Small vehicles can use parking A , located in front of the south access. Pre-paid tickets should be purchased onsite at the Customer Service Desk. Medium and large vehicles can park at parking Inglesias , located close to the Montjiuc venue, in Avda Montanyans s/n, Barcelona (tel. +34 93 425 00 31). The fee per day in Parking Ingelsias is around 25-35€ , depending on the type of vehicle.


All deliveries to the show, must be addressed to:

Contact Name & Phone Number 

Company Name & Stand Number 

IBTM World 2022

Fira Barcelona 

Recinto Gran Via 

Avenida Juan Carlos I, 58-64 

Hall 3 

08908 L'Hospitalet del Llobregat 





  • Direct deliveries must not arrive at the venue before 0800hrs on Wednesday 23rd November 2022.
  • Do not send your materials by post/mail as Barcelona Post Office will not delivery to the venue. 
  • The Venue nor the show Organisers will accept or sign for any deliveries. If a delivery is made when no one is able to sign for it then the Official Logistics Provider will accept it and chanrge a small fee to the exhibitor for this service. 


Can I use my own courier?

Yes you can but in our experience we do suggest that you consider using the Official Logistics Provider for the following reasons:

  • Couriers find it difficult to navigate the venue traffic systems and often struggle to find specific stands within halls.
  • Risk of courier drivers getting caught in exhibition traffic and not wanting to wait.
  • They sometimes leave deliveries without signatures.
  • Any deliveries that arrive before tenancy begins will be turned away.
  • We are currently not allowing any couriers into the exhibition hall so all items are required to be left with the Official Logistics Provider.
  • The organisers and venue will not accept or sign for any deliveries on your behalf.

So to avoid the stress of wondering whether your goods will arrive in time, speak to the Official Logistics Provider and see how they can help and manage this on your behalf.

If you do decide to use your own courier company make sure that they have the correct address.  Direct deliveries must not arrive at the venue before 0800hrs Wednesday 23rd November - they will be returned to your local logistics/carriers depot. If there is no one at your stand to receive your delivery, and on the rare chance that the delivery is accepted at the Venue then please be aware that there may be an additional handling fee from the Official Logistics Provider.

Please note that all courier companies will be required to pay the venue vehicle access fees.


Deliveries During Show Open

If it is necessary for you to have a delivery made during the show open period, please ensure that this is made prior to the show opening at 0845hrs each day. Trolleys are not permitted on the show floor once the show is open and therefore any deliveries will have to be hand carried.  

Please do take the time to speak to the Official Logistics Provider who are very experienced in handling exhibition freight and will have cost effective solutions to make your planning experience both pre-show and onsite a lot easier so your time can be spent on more important things.

Lifting (forklifts, cranes etc.)

Only the Official Logistics Provider may operate lifting equipment inside the hall and around the perimeter of the venue. Under no circumstances are any other lifting contractors permitted to use forklifts inside of the halls or in the loading areas.

To order a forklift or other lifting equipment for unloading or loading for stand materials and exhibits please contact the Official Logistics Provider to discuss your lifting requirements and to request a quote for their services.  We recommend that you make contact at the earliest opportunity with details of large or heavy exhibits as these may need to be positioned in the early part of build-up and may require special handling.


Build Up

Be considerate of others and keep the aisles around your stand clear at all times. Space Only contractors should not be delivering furniture and stand dressing items until there is sufficient space within the stand area to store them.  Items left in the aisles run the risk of being removed either by the Official Logistics Provider or cleaning team which will incur charges that will then be passed directly back to either the stand contractor or exhibitor.

To avoid this risk why not ask the Official Logistics Provider to store any items until you are ready to receive them on your stand? Delaying the delivery of furniture and dressing items will have a positive impact ensuring a smoother onsite experience for everyone, for example;

  • Everyone on site can move more easily around the show floor
  • The Official Logistics Provider can deliver freight quicker to stands
  • Venue rigging department can navigate around the show floor easier so less delays
  • Creates more space for your team to work
  • Allows venue cleaners to sweep the aisles more regularly which will help to ensure a clean show for your clients on opening morning

Show Open

No excess stock, literature, or packing cases may be stored around or behind your stand. If you require storage whilst on site at the exhibition (e.g empty cartons, boxes, literature etc.), please contact the Official Logistics Provider for a quote. They will collect items from your stand, store them and promptly return them to you during breakdown. 

Be sure to collect packing labels from the Official Logistics Provider during build-up. If packing material are found un-labelled onsite, it may be treated as waste and removed.

Whilst every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of the storage areas, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall on your property. Please refer to the Security Section for further information. 

Removal of Items During Breakdown

You must not begin removing items from your stand until the exhibition is closed and all visitors have left the hall. 

Trolleys will not be allowed on the exhibition floor until after this time. 

Please do not leave any goods unattended on your stand at this time. Breakdown is a busy period and your property is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage at this time. If you have arranged for a courier to collect items from your stand, please ensure that you are there to meet them. 

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your goods. All portable and valuable items must be removed from the exhibition halls as soon as possible and by 1400hrs on December 3rd, Saturday. Any other items remaining in the halls after 1400hrs on December 3rd will be regarded as rubbish and disposed of. The cost for the disposal will be forwarded to the exhibitor or contractor.