Fast-track your business success with mentoring

  • By David Thompson, Event Director, IBTM World

    To help new events industry businesses to accelerate brand growth, we are excited to introduce a new mentoring and investment programme, Event Business Accelerator, this year at IBTM World. Created in partnership with Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and Barcelona Convention Bureau (BCB), we’re offering a chance for young entrepreneurs with an idea, product or service relevant to the events industry to participate in an intensive programme of workshops, webinars and one-to-one sessions to achieve business success.

  • Why mentoring is valuable for start-ups and how to make the most of having a mentor

    Building a business is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom. It can also help give you a sense of personal and professional fulfillment, as well as allowing you to make a positive impact on the world. While growing a business from the ground up is extremely exciting, it’s certainly not an easy ride. Many entrepreneurs experience setbacks, frustration and even failure (which resilient entrepreneurs re-frame as learning experiences), before they can achieve success.

    A survey by Kabbage, Inc., showed that 92% of small business owners agreed that mentors have a direct impact on the growth and longevity of their business.

    Especially in the beginning stages when all you have is an idea, mentors can give you that boost of confidence and expertise needed to see it through and launch your business.

  • Behind every great leader you’ll often find a great mentor or advisor

    Steve Jobs of Apple had Ed Woolard and John Sculley; Bill Gates of Microsoft considers Warren Buffet a mentor; and Bob Iger of Disney credits his former boss Tom Murphy for having inspired the mentorship programme Iger introduced at Disney, which pairs top executives with leading tech start-up CEOs.

    Remember, all great businesses had to start somewhere. Your idea may be small now, but with the right guidance and support, you too could be the next Bill Gates. Here are some of many benefits of having a mentor:


    Trust, communication and honesty are core principles of mentorship. Using experience sharing, mentors can signal red flags in your journey if they’ve already been down that path and recognize where things may have gone wrong for them. You can trust that your mentor will help you avoid those mistakes, while providing encouragement, wisdom and guidance to help you navigate bumps in the road.

    Stay connected

    A mentor with strong connections in the industry and the community in which you are operating is highly valuable. A mentor has the potential to open doors for you, which could provide you with early customer trials, strategic partnerships and even potential customers and investors a bit further on down the line.

    Accelerate success

    There can be some confusion around mentorship and what the partnership will do for your business. Mentors are not embroiled in the day-to-day of your business, which gives them a unique vantage point to be able to provide objective and impartial advice. A mentor who has experience in your industry is particularly valuable, as they can provide tailored advice gained from operating in your industry.

  • Mentors won’t act as the CEO of your company, and the final decision always lies in your hands as the business owner. Instead of telling you what to do, mentors will help you navigate a matter by sharing their similar experiences.

    About IBTM World’s mentoring programme

    Finalists of IBTM World’s Event Business Accelerator will be mentored by a team of industry experts. They will also guide the mentees through the preparation process for a live pitch for funding, aiming to bring their business idea to life. Mentees will present their idea in front of a panel of investors and the Reed Global Innovation team at IBTM World, offering the rare opportunity to see and be seen by people who can make a real difference to you and your company.

    We’re inviting entrepreneurs with a bright idea for an events business, product or service, or those who have up to three years’ experience in running their own business related to the events industry, to apply for the programme via our IBTM World website.

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