Judging Criteria

  • Do you want your entry to stand out from the competition? Our judging panel are looking for an innovation that stands-out as the next market-changing tech innovation.

    Our judges have put together some useful tips on how you can structure your entry and maximise your score.

  • How do the judges score my entry?

    Follow the judges tips to help you maximise your score in your entry -

    Innovation (40 points): Is your technology product innovative? How so? Is it substantially different than other similar products on the market? Again, how so?

    Concept/Business Model (30 points): How far along is your product in development? Have you done case studies? Do you have specific statistics? Do you have a sound business model? Your product must be beyond the theoretical or early beta-development stage to become a winning entry. The judges will do their best in this category to assess the likelihood of this product succeeding in the marketplace.

    Value to the MICE industry (30 points): Will your product have an impact on broad aspects of the meetings, incentive, congress and exhibition industries? Or will it affect a just a small subcomponent of the industry?

  • How can I create a winning entry?

    Here are our judges 3 top tips on how you can maximise your score and make your entry stand out.

    1. Write clearly and concisely. It takes an average of fifteen minutes for each judge to read and assess each entry. When multiplied by 30 entries last year, this represents well over 8 hours for each judge to complete the grading process. Overly wordy or unclear entries reduce the likelihood of higher scores.

    2. Be specific. Back up claims with measurable data.

    3. Use support links. Screen shots, images and, especially, short videos can bring your entry to life and can be far more compelling and informative than a page of text can ever be. When making videos, try to keep them under three minutes and record in high-definition.

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