IBTM World Association Programme

  • Taking place on Tuesday 19 November from 14:00 to 18:30, the full tailored programme for associations is comprised of eight knowledge sessions, in partnership with AAE (Association of Association Executives) to deliver insight and knowledge on several subjects of interest and key challenges facing association event organisers.

    In addition to this, there will be a peer to peer networking function supported by ICCA  (International Congress and Convention Association).

    Please note: Sessions are exclusive to association event organisers attending through the Hosted Buyer Programme.

    The full programme for 2019 will be available in September.

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  •   14:00

      Welcome Introduction



      Damian Hutt, Executive Director
      Association of Association Executives



    Room 5.1

    Room 5.2





    Raising Sponsor and Exhibitor Revenue


    Negotiating, Converting Best Prices (from venues in destinations) & Cost Controls for Events

    Developing the sponsorship revenue stream for long-term benefit

    Speaker: Greg Tracz,
    Chief Executive Officer, Diabetes Africa

    Whether you are developing webinars or million-dollar live events, building a stream of loyal and engaged sponsors
    can go a long way towards supporting your association’s mission and financial
    sustainability. Traditional perceptions and expectations around sponsorship
    can lead association executives off track. In a time of increased competition
    from commercial and non-commercial event organisers, success lies in
    co-creation, flexibility and originality. Sponsors are looking for an
    emotional connection with your brand. Developing the skills and expertise
    needed to deliver that connection is what association executives should be focusing on.

    Speaking the same language, your key to negotiations

    Moderator: Esmare Steinhofel, Regional Director Africa - ICCA
    Speakers: Francisco Quereda Rodríguez, Málaga
    Convention Bureau - Gwladys Guillory, Alzheimer Europe
    - Javier Sancho, Hilton

    When negotiating with a destination, venue or any supplies for your event
    it helps if you both speak the same language from the get-go.
    If you, as the meeting planner, understand what is included,
    what potential challenges there could be,
    and the supplier understands your goals and budgets
    it will pave the way for a smooth ride. Sounds like negotiating 1-on-1, right?
    However, many a time we have all faced challenges and ended up
    begging rather than negotiating. So, what are the obstacles
    in speaking the same language. A panel of speakers
    will share tips and tricks from the various perspectives
    on how to ensure your negotiations undertake smooth sailing.

    Understanding how suppliers negotiate association meetings business
    Learning how other association executives navigate the minefield of negotiation
    Finding solutions for more successful negotiations with suppliers for future events


    Re-inventing an international flagship exhibition to increase exhibitor support and revenue
    Speaker: Jim Croxton, Chief Executive, British and
    International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association

    Learn how you can turn around an annual exhibition from the case study
    of this international event: BIGGA annual exhibition, the association’s
    flagship event was failing. Strong action was needed to turn it round and bring it up to date. Learn about the improvements
    including a continuous programme with significant changes in 2019. The speaker will describe the thinking and
    processes involved including:
    - Creating a compelling event
    - Engaging all stakeholders
    - Putting the visitor at the heart of the event
    - Stakeholder feedback and outcomes


    Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves
    Moderator: Noor Ahmad Hamid, ICCA Regional Director Asia Pacific
    Speakers: Juan Jose Garcia – BCO Congresos
    Angeline van den Broecke, Director of Global Business Development Marketing Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

    This old proverb could not be truer when it comes to event budgeting.
    Being mindful of the smaller expenses will have a huge impact down the road.
    Smaller items are easier to control and easier to find alternative solutions for.
    Cutting your budget into manageable, bite-sized pieces will help you make savings on the grand total.
    A group of experts will take you on a journey in identifying cheaper solutions, finding new avenues
    and keeping the costs of your event down, while providing a first-class experience for your delegates.

    - Identifying cheaper event solutions
    - Learning tips and tricks on managing event costs
    - Learning how to cut event budgets into smaller, easier to manage elements


    Questions and discussion



    Refreshment & Networking break






    Driving Delegate Attendance


    Sustainability / Environmental Impact for Events

    Creating events with impact: Designing your event with the Event Narrative Framework

    Speaker: Sasha Frieze, Managing Director, The Business Narrative

    The investment of time and resources into major congresses and events
    is usually considerable, but the final product can lack inspiration,
    experiential peaks or deliver the impact you were hoping for.

    - How does your event’s purpose differ from your association’s objectives?
    - How do you simplify the message of your event and weave that impact into your event’s story?
    - What are your stakeholders wants and needs and their motivation for attending your event?
    - What event design choices – venue, formats, content, music and staging, your communications
    strategies and tone of voice – can you make to create an engaging and impactful event?

    This session will walk you through how to simplify your event strategy
    and help you deliver an event that meets its purpose.


    Preserving the world through sustainable meetings

    Moderator: Elif Balci Fisunoglu - ICCA Regional Director (Europe)
    Speakers: Senthil Gopinath, ICCA CEO
    - Beatriz Balino- Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR), Norway
    - Katarina Thorsensson, Gothenburg CVB

    Associations are drivers of change, and there are especially leaving an impact globally
    through their meetings. How can associations ensure that their meetings
    contribute to the greater good in a sustainable way? Join this session and be
    inspired by latest developments within destinations and through UN
    initiatives and find out more through real examples how you can reduce food
    waste at your events as well as leave an impact.

    - Learn more about trends and new initiatives for sustainable meetings
    - Find out more about the Global Destination Sustainability Index


    How influencer marketing can help to build delegate awareness and uptake of your event

    Speaker: Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing, The Branded
    Content Marketing Association

    What ‘influencer marketing’ is and where it sits with other channels
    How to find your influencers and involve them in your event
    How influencer marketing works - what makes it different from social media posts
    Boosting your marketing broadcasting with influencer activities
    Why your association should be adopting this approach


    (Preserving the world through sustainable meetings continued - 17.30)


    Questions and discussion



    Associations Connect Networking Hour supported by ICCA



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