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    In need of some inspiration?

    Our Inspire Masterclass does exactly what it says on the tin, with specifically created and tailored content for you, our Hosted Buyers. Expert speakers from a selection of agencies, associations and corporates share their insights and key learnings on a variety of themes from the evolution of design to taking an event digital.

  • The new face of crisis

    Tamara Bernstein, ICCA Europe Regional Manager, ICCA and Andy Williams, VP Business Development & Quality Assurance, Safehotels

    If contingency planning and crisis management has not been at the forefront of associations in the past, it definitely is now. Literally everybody had to transition to online member services, had to furlough staff or have them work from home and most importantly had to find a way to financially survive these difficult times.

    During the session, you will learn:

    • Increased knowledge of crisis management, duty of care and best practice best practice solutions.
    • Expanded knowledge and links to additional crisis management and duty of care resources.
    • More details on Safehotels CovidClean™ certification

    Technology as a driver to build meeting and membership revenue streams

    Dermot Ryan, Account Director, K.I.T Group

    How associations respond to the new business model that is rapidly evolving from the COVID-19 crisis will determine whether they become leaders or laggards in developing their revenue streams. Technology has already been a common dominator in responding to COVID-19 disruption – from virtual governance meetings to virtual conferences – and it will have a major impact on future revenue growth.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to technology
    • Learn from other associations’ experience of monetising digital events
    • Explain how technology can enhance membership revenue
    • Identify ways you can talk tech to your volunteer Leadership to convince them of the need for change

    How to get rich with online events

    Stefaan De Courte, Founder & Project Director, LAUREA

    Online events are a great opportunity to attract and engage with a very broad audience as certain barriers that exist to participate at live events do not exist (travel costs, capacity limits of physical infrastructure, higher pricing of live events, language barrier).

    During this session, you will learn:

    • The major digital skill upgrade in society has opened a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs to monetise online events
    • To monetise an online event, there are however important do’s and do not’s:
      • Define the correct value of what you have to offer – use an event value map
      • Set a correct price – use a pricing methodology
      • Choose the right technology platform
      • Do not replicate your existing live event online

    Factors in successful associations

    Ksenija Polla, Director Association Relations, ICCA and John Peacock, CEO, Associations Forum

    Association management is more a science than an art. Successful associations need to understand the key matters and have the right people to implement correct decisions.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Good structures, constitutions and governance
    • Membership retention, recruitment and engagement
    • The right people in appropriate roles
    • Future planning and “must-join” member services

    Understanding your virtual attendees: The antidote to virtual fatigue

    Patrick Rush, Sr Regional Director, Head of Asia Pacific, American Express Meetings & Events

    Engaging your audience is as important in a live environment as it is virtually. Creating a consistent experience will help bridge the gap with in person and virtual attendees. In order to determine the right channels to use to engage your distracted attendees, it will be critical to understand your audience! In this session, you’ll meet the most common virtual attendee personas and learn how to best engage each one.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Characteristics of the 7 most common virtual meeting attendees
    • Tips to keep even the most distracted attendees engaged
    • How to create your own attendee personas (or use ours!) to personalize your next event

    The insiders tip to avoiding wasting time & money on event technology

    Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, Chief Technologist, EventMind

    With new event technology emerging weekly, an ever changing event landscape, budgets dwindling and client needs evolving by the day -  now more than ever, it’s critical for event organisers to understand how to choose the right technology for their virtual and hybrid events.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • The top three questions to ask an event technology provider BEFORE making a purchase decision
    • How to ensure you have the right internal resources to pull off a seamless virtual or hybrid event
    • How to engineer successful digital event outcomes so that you can wow your attendees and impress your stakeholders

    State of the industry: Unexpected trends for the future of meetings and events

    Mikael Ek, Managing Director, EMEA

    This year has been full of the unexpected. Yet the power of human connection has remained. In this session, explore the ways our industry has adapted and what trends have emerged through these fast paced changes. Understand how agencies have stepped up to the challenge and re-imaged what meetings and events look like –  for today and tomorrow.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Gain insight to regional state of business from leaders around the world
    • Understand what trends have emerged in 2020 that were unexpected
    • Learn how to apply these learnings into your planning strategy today and moving forward

    Playbook to planning and developing hybrid events

    Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG

    • What do the hybrid/twinned events of the future look like and how do you choose?

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Balancing the experience between live/live online
    • Exploring the value to sponsors and partners
    • What do you need to offer now as an agency?

    Six memos for the last six months: The evolution of event design

    Robert Dunsmore, Creative Director

    A fast and loose session to suggest six creative strategies for the new power of live-online-on-demand event communities in the age of mass participation. Creating for the new power of events, the new power of on-demand audiences. Six creative share-points, six playful concepts and a dozen rapid-fire-top-tip-activations for audience behaviour, belonging and experience to crowdsource value and grow your event. For all the technology, our audiences are still human. Stock up with new ideas and add human values to our on-demand future.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Behaviour and belonging for live-online-on-demand event communities
    • Six new creative strategies for live-on-line-on-demand event communities
    • Crowdsourcing value - a dozen top-tip-activations to grow your event

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Virtual Events: Getting the Most Out of the New Normal

    RJohn Martinez, CEO, Shock Logic

    What are the components of a successful online environment, and how can these be adapted to suit various needs and budgets? This session will cover a variety of visually immersive events scenarios, including engagement tools and techniques. Discover how different events suit different visual experiences; learn how to create an interactive visual experience for your stakeholders; learn about the different options for virtual experiences through case studies; and find out how you can provide a menu of options that sponsors and exhibitors can use to customise their event.

    How much cotton wool should we wrap our attendees in?

    Laura Capell-Abra, Founder, Stress Matters

    With depression and anxiety reported to have doubled in adults over the course of the pandemic, we need to be taking extra precautions to look after our attendees during the return to live events. We will identify the key areas of risk and look at tips on how to minimise these risks.

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