• Find out about the latest tech and how IBTM’s MICE influencers can help contribute to your business objectives. Throughout the event, dip into sessions on everything from digitally amplifying your event online to basics steps in implementing an effective hybrid strategy.

  • Hybrid 101: The basics that should not be missed

    Ruud Janssen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Event Design Collective and Shawn Cheng, Project Manager, MCI

    As 2021 approaches, hybrid is at the forefront of every event planners mind. We know what it is but how do we do it? Join this session to understand how you can successfully implement a hybrid strategy and ensure your attendees, both live and virtual, have a great experience.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • How to budget and finance a hybrid event successfully
    • How to build engagement with your audience
    • How to connect your virtual and F2F audience and facilitate networking opportunities
    • The different revenue opportunities can an hybrid event offer

    The importance of trust in B2B influencer marketing campaigns

    Giovanna Lucherini, MD, Convention Bureau Napoli and Alessia Di Raimondo, MD, Freelance Digital Marketer and Event Professional

    In this interview we will discuss a recent case study initiated by the Convention Bureau Napoli in collaboration with the influencer Alessia Di Raimondo. It was the first B2B influencer marketing campaign created for our industry.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • How to choose for the right influencer
    • Why trust is an important during the influencer campaign, especially now
    • How to create a successful campaign together with the influence

    Embrace, engage, evolve. The event attendee experience

    James Morgan, Founder, Event Tech Lab

    Whether you are planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, ensuring all attendees have a great experience is essential. During this session, hear from James Morgan, who will discuss the key elements to a solid engagement strategy.

    James will also present a series of case studies that highlight the techniques and tactics that have worked (and those that haven’t).

    The power of influencer marketing during the pandemic

    Nadine Barembruch, Regional Director, Vienna House and Sabrina Meyers, Professional Social Media Expert & Influencer

    Our industry would love to work with influencers, but how do you start? And why now is more than ever an excellent moment to start with your campaign?  Join our discussion and gain insights why B2B influencer marketing is growing in times of the pandemic, and how you can implement influencer marketing in your strategy.

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Why has Vienna House chosen to extend the campaign during the pandemic?
    • The value of long term collaborations ; why influencer marketing should be part of your strategy
    • Gain insights what the influencer has done for Vienna House during the pandemic

    Technology that will change the future

    Dahlia El Gazzar, Tech Evangelist & Idea Igniteur, DAHLIA+ Agency; Marco Giberti, Founder & CEO, Vesuvio Ventures; Dave Lorenzini, Co-Founder, EFX; Keith Johnston, Managing Partner, i3 Events; Tess Vismale, Chief Event Executioner, iSocial Execution; and Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Founder & Mastermind, EVENTagist

    Join Dahlia El Gazzar and members of IBTM’s Technical Advisory Group to discover what technology will change the events industry.

    The do’s and don'ts in the life of a professional event blogger

    Samira Salman, Content Marketer, EventGoodies

    Everyone, especially the younger generation wants to become an influencer, but how is it in real life to be an influencer? Companies would like to work with influencers and bloggers, just how do these collaborations look like in practice? And what can an influencer or blogger do for our industry?

    During this session, you will learn about:

    • Collaborations; what can an influencer do for your company? Sharing insights of the work an influencer and blogger
    • How to put your limits and how to think in long term collaborations ; What do you do for free and what is paid?
    • Opportunities; living the life of a personal influencer. What are the advantages?

    The tech & digital skills of the modern event planner

    Dahlia El Gazzar, Tech Evangelist & Idea Igniteur, DAHLIA+ Agency and Liz Caruso, CEO and Chief Event Specialist, Liz King Events

    The role of the event planner is shifting. It’s vital they are re-evaluating and re-designing their talent DNA. This does not mean forgetting essential planning or logistical skills, but it does mean enhancing necessary technology and design skills to progress in this ‘new world’.

    During this session, Dahlia El Gazzar will interview Liz Caruso, CEO, Liz King Events, on how event planners can upskill in the current climate and what resources are available to tap in to.

    How do you remain in touch with your audience during the pandemic?

    Miranda Geerlings, Project Manager of Marketing Communications and Business Events, NBTC

    Our industry is facing an extreme challenging time. How do you remain in touch with your audience? NBTC has chosen to invest in B2B influencer marketing. Why have they chosen for this particular way of marketing? And what are their expectations? And what are the tasks of the influencer during the campaign?

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Why has NBTC decided to start with an influencer marketing campaign?
    • Sharing insights of the work of the influencers
    • How influencer marketing is part of their long term recovery strategic plan

    Building your digital brand megaphone

    Katie Morhen, Founder & Director, 52eight3

    With the majority of people working from home, how can you enhance your online personal/company brand to stand out from the crowd?

    During this session, you will learn:

    • Top tips for building and developing your digital brand
    • How to use social media to build brand credibility
    • How personal branding will create future opportunities for you

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